Saturday, 20 May 2006

"A Short Burst of Clarity" - Mountain Mirrors, 2004

I may have already heard the dimmest line from a participant in this year's UK Big Brother, and this summer's program has only just begun.

Before each new housemate entered the house Thursday night, we were introduced to each of them with some pre-filmed footage. In hers, young Bonnie (a 19-year-old care worker from Loughborough) described herself as follows:

"I'm funny. I'm sexy. And everything. And everything."

It's even more amusing in her very strong north-of-England accent.

I don't feel qualified, as another female, to comment on how sexy Bonnie might or might not be. But she certainly hasn't made me laugh yet.



At 20 May, 2006 17:42 , Blogger Heather said...

I don't think I've ever met any one who CLAIMED to be funny and actually WAS.


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