Sunday, 17 January 2010

"Watch What You Eat" - Anthony B, 1997

We've finally thawed out here in North Oxfordshire. And so this afternoon, I made sure that all of our bird feeders were refilled with seed, peanuts and suet balls...oh, and that the water bowl was full, too.

Some time over the past year or so, somebody (I think it was my sister-in-law Claire) kindly gave us a really interesting feeder log full of fat balls. We'd debated where to hang it and just never got around to putting it out before. But today, I found a location in the back corner of the garden. You can see where it's been put in the middle of the first photo here.

When I unwrapped the log, I read the information on the wrapping material. Here's a photo of the label...

To save you from having to magnify that image to read the fine print, let me do it for you. Note the warning shown below the storage instructions...

John and I can't help but wonder how on earth any birds with a nut allergy are supposed to be able to read the manufacturer's warning!



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