Friday, 1 April 2011

"The Weight" - The Band, 1968

While John was getting ready for work this morning, I switched on the TV in our bedroom. As it was not yet 6am, ITV1 was broadcasting Nightscreen, a collection of still photos and brief descriptions of upcoming ITV programs. One of the items caught my eye.

I'm not entirely sure which program was being previewed - it might have been one hosted by Ant and Dec - but it had to do with a family game show.

And apparently, on the next broadcast of this program, the families are competing for a "250,000-pound prize". That's exactly how it was written.

That's a lot of weight, so I began wondering what the prize might be. A quick Google came up with the following possibilities...items weighing 250,000 pounds:

> a NASA space shuttle, when on Earth

> the amount of weight of a steam locomotive that's carried on its driving wheels

> the huge LED Walgreen's sign on the One Times Square building in New York City

> the portion of the Statue of Liberty that is made of steel


PS This is not an April Fool's joke, either!


At 02 April, 2011 13:36 , Blogger bronx boy said...

Everything I ever wanted to know - I will add these tidbits to my vast store of trivia :-)

At 03 April, 2011 11:35 , Blogger Kym Hamer said...

I'd like a space shuttle...I even have off-street parking ;D


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