Monday, 8 August 2005

"Illegal Alien" - Genesis, 1983

It seems like there's been a huge amount of news these past few days. NASA have had to postpone Discovery's landing attempt until tomorrow because of weather conditions in Florida. Two well-known people have died; Robin Cook died suddenly in Scotland over the weekend, while Peter Jennings died yesterday (not so unexpectedly...). England won the second test of the Ashes series by only 2 runs yesterday! Chelsea beat Arsenal in the Community Shield match yesterday by 2 goals to 1. And Derek was the latest to be evicted from the Big Brother house, near the Tesco in Borehamwood.

But today's Lord Celery blog has to do with a very interesting, timely article that John has found on the BBC's website. It's called "The New American Dilemma", and it was written by Harold Evans as the first of his new weekly opinion columns.

Take a look, if you have a few minutes. The line that resonated the strongest with both of us is the following quote:

"It doesn't make sense nearly four years after 9/11 to make grandmothers take off their shoes at airports when terrorist infiltrators at the broken borders could wreak havoc."

I could not have written it better myself.


Listening To: "Some Cities" - Doves


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