Tuesday, 30 May 2006

"Noose Dressed Up As A Necklace" - Kevin Devine, 2003

I was just cleaning out my Yahoo Mail inbox and noticed a marketing e-mail from Neiman Marcus. (The name always makes me think of my friend Debbie, who has always referred to Neimans as "Needless Markups"!) I'm not sure how I got on their e-mailing list, but obviously I have somehow.

I must have been really bored, though, because I actually opened the e-mail. Something caught my eye. "Pendants for Men" was the link. So, being curious, I clicked on it.
You can do the same, by clicking right here.

Folks, am I missing something? Would any of Lord Celery's male readers actually wear any of the selections pictured? John certainly wouldn't...and would most likely laugh me right back out of the house if I brought one of them home to him as a gift! I even double-checked to make sure I hadn't misread the intended gender for these pendants

Nope. There is it. These necklaces are indeed in Neiman's online shopping section labeled
Men & Electronics - What's Hot - Trendsetters - Pendants.

Oh dear. Have I completely lost my sense of style? Have I suddenly become an old fogey-ette?

Somebody help me...please!


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At 30 May, 2006 15:31 , Blogger cruisin-mom said...

my husband won't even wear a wedding ring, let alone a noose around his neck like that!

At 31 May, 2006 04:01 , Blogger Heather said...

Oh no, not going near the neck of my hubby! He wore an arrowhead for awhile, but that was because of his native heritage. I don't think he'd wear anything else.

At 31 May, 2006 14:27 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

A wedding ring and a watch is all I choose to wear.


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