Friday, 1 February 2008

"Name That Tune" - Reno Jones, 2000

This morning, on my way to work, my iPod Nano shuffled through 10 of the songs within a playlist I created called (very imaginatively) "Favorites". And I had an idea...somewhat inspired by a contest called "PopMaster" that BBC Radio 2 runs every weekday morning on Ken Bruce's show.

I'm going to give you either a phrase or a full sentence from the lyrics of each of the 10 songs I listened to this morning. Can any of you identify any of them? I'll warn you that a few of them might be a bit tricky!

Song #1: "...a lady suffragette."

Song #2: "You let my love fly free."

Song #3: "You cannot hold a lover that is gone."

Song #4: "It doesn't matter where you've been as long as it was deep."

Song #5: "...and I won't be a fool no more."

Song #6: "In fact, it's cold as hell."

Song #7: "...when the sidewalks are safe for the little guy."

Song #8: "But when it comes to being happy, we are."

Song #9: "I was spreading my life too thin."

Song #10: "The cars below my street take me away piece by piece."

Let me know if you have any ideas!



At 03 February, 2008 18:06 , Blogger G L Wilson said...

Blimey! Those are tricky. Is #1 "Jet" by Paul McCartney and Wings from the Band on the Run album?

At 03 February, 2008 18:24 , Blogger Janet said...

Yes, Gavin -- good! Now ONLY 9 more to go!


At 03 February, 2008 22:34 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Here goes nothing!

Song #1: Jet, Paul McCartney & Wings
Song #2: Caught Up In The Rapture, Anita Baker
Song #3: Snowin' on Raton, Townes Van Zandt
Song #4: Just What I Needed, The Cars.. one of my favourites!
Song #5: The Very Last Time. Utopia
Song #6: Rocket Man, Elton John .. one of the best!
Song #7: Third World Man, Steely Dan
Song #8: My Guy, Mary Wells
Song #9: Hard Habit To Break, Chicago
Song #10: Get Miles, Gomez

That is some varied taste in music that you have there Janet.

At 04 February, 2008 08:16 , Blogger Janet said...

The "Kid" gets the grand prize!!! I'll let it pass that it was actually the Robert Earl Keen version of "Snowin' On Raton" that I was listening to -- you would have had no way to know that!

Well done!

Should I do this again some time, folks?


At 04 February, 2008 13:37 , Blogger andrea said...

Those were hard! I love Rocket Man...definitely do it again!

At 04 February, 2008 13:57 , Blogger Kris said...

Those were tricky, I only knew #8, My Guy.
I'm pretty good at naming a song if I hear the tune, but definitely harder when it's just the lyrics.


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