Monday, 7 January 2008

"Sporting Life" - Decemberists, 2005

John continues a good recovery at home. He's very tired and has an aching neck from the operation itself, but I'm delighted to report that he's feeling almost none of the pain he had from the herniated disc!

He's taking it easy here at home. He won't be able to drive for two or three weeks, and right now he really doesn't feel energetic enough to do much anyway. I'm taking vacation days off work through Wednesday so that I can be here to help him, and I might decide to extend that into Thursday as well. I really need to be in the office at least one day this week, though; unfortunately, I'm heading over to London Sunday afternoon, as I'm teaching at Canary Wharf Monday through Wednesday next week. I hate that I have to go be away from home then, but sadly that's a big part of my job.

I'm so proud of how brave he's been through all this!

But why today's song title? Because last night I was thinking about something funny that the weekend physical therapist told us. When she (Jo) was giving John some final instructions before he was discharged, she was talking about his type of cervical disc prolapse. She was particularly focussed on talking about posture, saying that people who spend hours hunched over computers are especially vulnerable to neck and back problems. In fact, she said that most of the patients in Oxford who need operations like the one John had are either in IT or are rugby players.

And given that John doesn't really have much natural ability at sports (neither do I, by the way), I'll bet all of you can guess what he's been doing for a living!



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