Saturday, 5 January 2008

"I'm Looking Through You" - Beatles, 1965

We got to bring John home from the hospital this afternoon! (Why have I put the word "the" in italics, you might ask? Because a UK native wouldn't add the "the" when making that statement, as we Americans do.) It's a banner day here, as a result!

Here are three photos...and, as always, you can click on any of them for a full-sized image.

Here's John in his room at the Manor Hospital, just before being discharged.

I love this photo! Can you see the bandage on the front of his neck? That's where they made the horizontal incision. And doesn't he look happy to be headed home at least one day earlier than expected!

This is yesterday morning's x-ray of John's neck, after Thursday afternoon's surgery. Can you see the thing that looks a bit like a matchstick? That's part of the "cage" (made of a polymer...a plastic-type material) that's been put in between his 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae to act as a spacer, in place of the disc. Incredible technology, isn't it?

Although John is tired and his neck is sore from the surgery, it's just amazing how the pain he felt from the prolapsed disc is virtually gone. He told the surgeon this morning that it's as if he had a piece of shrapnel removed from his neck and right shoulder.

By the way, yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. So we're starting our third year of married life on a terrific note!

And BOY am I glad to have him home!



At 06 January, 2008 00:51 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Two great reasons to celebrate!!

At 06 January, 2008 05:01 , Blogger Gnightgirl said...

Hey, Janet! Happy Anniversary, and Get Well to John! His surgery was on my 45th birthday, so I'll never forget it. I don't have spine problems, but I'm definitely experiencing sympathy pain for him, looking at those x-rays.

Love to you both!



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