Thursday, 22 November 2007

"Let Us Give Thanks For Being Here" - Redbull Singers, 1997

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my family & friends in the United States!

I must admit that I'm feeling a little sorry for myself this evening. I had to work on Thanksgiving....and not just work in the Oxford office, as I'm running training courses in London Wednesday through tomorrow. So not only am I not in America for Thanksgiving, I'm not even at home with John! Here's my Thanksgiving dinner tonight, at the hotel in Greenwich...

Thai Green Chicken Curry from the hotel's room service. Well, at least it's poultry!

Meanwhile it was an interesting day today in the offices of one of the world's major oil companies. They had a security drill today, simulating a bomb treat/bomb attack. They had announced ahead of time that everybody would be asked to leave the building some time during the day. But we couldn't "evaculate" to a plaza or plazas outside. A bomb would send glass from all of the Canary Wharf buildings flying all over the place. That wouldn't be safe.

They had what they described as an "invacuation". We left the offices for one of the levels of their underground parking garage. And when we were allowed to return to the offices, once Security were sure the building was cleared and the security drill was finished, we were told we could "repopulate" the building.

Good Lord, how I HATE corporate language!!!!

Enjoy your turkey dinners, everybody!



At 22 November, 2007 19:59 , Anonymous Paul said...

Happy Thanksgiving Janet. Thinking of you today.

Loads of love


At 23 November, 2007 04:39 , Blogger Gnightgirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I think your chicken curry was probably better than the "traditional" thanksgiving meal I decided to pick up at a deli, for the first time in my life. :-)

Sorry you had to be away from John AND us!


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