Tuesday, 13 November 2007

"Christmas Time in London Town" - Nina & Frederik, 1961

I'm unexpectedly working in London again this week. Last Friday, a very last-minute onsite was arranged for me just west of Central London, starting today. I'm essentially tutoring 3 gentlemen from Africa in a 3-day oil trading class. They are interesting, eager, likeable students. But I was hoping to have a full week of no-travel this week. Oh well...that's what my job is like sometimes!

So I'm staying in a large Hilton on Edgware Road. You can read about this London neighborhood on this Wikipedia link. You'll see it's very interesting.

Here are some photos I took today -- first, from the hotel, and then as I walked from the hotel down to Oxford Street after class. As usual, you can click on any photo to see the full-sized version.

First, here's a photo from the training room. We're looking to the north, as Edgware Road passes under what's called the Marylebone flyover.

This is the same view, except taken with the telephoto lens. You can see the Edgware Road Bakerloo line tube station.

Looking to the east -- still from the training room window -- as the Marylebone flyover merges into the Marylebone Road.

Another similar view of the flyover...except this one shows the more-typical traffic congestion seen in this part of London.

South of the Hilton, on Edgware Road, I liked the contrast of the Arabic smoking pipes with the produce at this green grocer's shop.

Christmas lights on Oxford Street, near the famous Selfridges Department Store.

Another shot of Oxford Street. And how much more "London" can you get than a red double-decker bus, two black London cabs and a Mini!

I didn't buy a thing, by the way...I just did some windowshopping! REALLY!



At 14 November, 2007 11:58 , Blogger andrea said...

Be sure to eat some Lebanese on Edgeware Road, it is so good!!

At 14 November, 2007 14:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like Christmas decorations come earlier and earlier each year! The last photo is great.

At 14 November, 2007 14:18 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Finger slipped early on "send". Anonoymous is Bronx Boy.

At 15 November, 2007 07:11 , Blogger Kris said...

I love that last photo too. Can't wait to get there just in time for Christmas!


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