Saturday, 13 October 2007

"Bad Fruit" - John Wesley Harding, 2004

I got to Singapore safely last night. It has rained off and on since I've arrived, but it's not a big deal to me. I don't feel energetic enough to get out anyway. So far, I've been hit with a bad case of "the tireds". I guess that's understandable, after a 12-1/2 hour flight and a 7-hour advance in time. I'm sure I'll feel more lively tomorrow.

But I thought I'd post a quick item this evening.

I knew I was back in Singapore last night when I saw the following posted in my taxi from the airport to the Marriott hotel...

(You can click on any of the images for a larger version.)

My apologies for the poor quality of the photo. The light was low, and I had only my mobile phone camera available. What the sign on the seat says is that you aren't supposed to eat or drink in the cab, you should fasten your seatbelts, and no durian. Huh?

I realize that I haven't travelled extensively in Southeast Asia, but I've never been anywhere in the world where there's signage in taxis saying that you can't have any durian with you! If you'll read about durian fruit from the link in the previous paragraph, I think you'll see what the problem is!

Here's a better photo of a similar sign, since mine is such a lousy one...

And here's a photo of the Durian fruit itself...

And no, I haven't dared to try least not yet. If I do, I promise I'll send a report.



At 14 October, 2007 10:58 , Blogger robert d said...

I guess you are still a virgin. Durian has a unique odor that the uninitiated find offensive.

Life is Good,


At 16 October, 2007 11:50 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

They are so smelly! No wonder the cab driver doesn't want one in his cab. Janet, if you go to one of the outdoor street markets you should see them for sale and you can ask the vendor for a sniff although you will smell it a long way off. ha ha!


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