Friday, 28 September 2007

"Should I Stay or Should I Go" - Clash, 1982: Update #2

Today's UK residency process update...

Last night, after running through about 96 randomly-selected questions from a CD study aid for the "Life in the UK" manual chapter called "A Changing Society", John asked me if I was ready to try taking a sample of a real test. In other words, he wondered if I was ready to try an example of 24 questions selected from all of the 5 relevant chapters of the handbook. I'd never been brave enough to try that before. And I strongly suspect that John thought I'd say no. But I thought, what the heck. I said ok...although maybe just because of fatigue.

Out of the 24 questions, I missed 6 -- giving me a 75% score -- which means that I passed, although just barely.

I guess I think that's pretty good, given that we still have 10+ days of studying to go.

And I found an interesting website this morning, with a section called "Five Things People Don't Expect When They Take Their Test". It's interesting reading...and some of the items back up what a new office colleague has told me about his experiences when he took the test (although he took the earlier version, which included fewer chapters).


At 28 September, 2007 14:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you catch the article in the U.S. press that they have revised the citizenship test here as well? I wonder how many current U.S. citizens would pass it?

At 02 October, 2007 10:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done, Janet. Wish you luck for the real test. ;-)


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