Saturday, 20 September 2008

"Look Through Any Window" - Hollies, 1965

As I was changing the sheets on our bed this afternoon, I glanced out of one of the windows. The weather has been really beautiful today, and I was especially enjoying the view.

Perhaps you'd like to join me - and you can click on the photos for full-sized versions.

Then I stepped into the doorway of John's room - as we call it - and found him hard at work on his laptop...

So that's a glimpse of life in our household in North Oxfordshire this afternoon!



At 21 September, 2008 23:27 , Anonymous NFAH said...

Despite the nice weather that was me this weekend. I think the only reason I left the flat either day was to go to the gym. Thank goodness for that, else I would have been at the evil machine all day on such a nice weekend. Although I think I'm sort of sad right now because I want it to be American Football Fall, and I see few of the classic hallmarks--hot chocolate, red leaves or pumpkins everywhere. Fall is my favorite season but it doesn't seem to really hit here the way I want it to!

At 22 September, 2008 02:11 , Anonymous sevans said...

Hi Janet - I got in touch with you ages ago (December 2007) about moving to the village.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out as we hoped, but I really enjoy looking at your pictures (of D. and Oxford). I know exactly where most of them are taken! Please continue to post them. :)

At 22 September, 2008 09:45 , Blogger Sarah D said...

I was stuck at work all weekend and kept looking out at that amazing sunshine and blue sky with envy... here I am on my day off and it's cold and grey. yippee.


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