Sunday, 27 February 2011

"Strange Fascination" - Martly, 2002

I'm absolutely hooked on "Ice Road Truckers", and I admit it. But I don't completely understand why.

Perhaps it's because of my history in the oil industry. Perhaps it's because I got to visit the Alaskan North Slope back in my trader days, so I've seen the terrain and have met some of the people who work up there. (As an aside, I even stuck my toes - quickly - into the Artic Ocean during that trip!)

But I strongly suspect there's more.

Perhaps it's because it's interesting to see skilled individuals performing so well in such a stressful, harsh environment. Maybe, too, it's because we viewers get to know the personalities of the ice-road drivers and actually start to like some of them.

I don't fully understand what the draw is for me, but I love watching the program. And I'm not alone. John's right there with me, following the fortunes of Alex, Lisa, Ray, Jack, Hugh, and the others.

When the current series ends for those of us in the UK, I'll feel a little sad.


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