Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"Stranger on a Train" - Boomhauer, 2011

About a month ago, I went over to London to run a one-day seminar for one of our clients. I travelled by train; so after class ended for the day, I headed back London's Marylebone Station.

I think it's so interesting to people-watch on public transportation. On this particular journey, I became intrigued by an elderly man who was sitting diagonally across the train's aisle from me.

This gentleman had boarded the Birmingham-bound train right at the last moment, literally just before we began moving. He was dressed in a trendy way, I thought, in his leather jacket and jeans. He was wearing what the British would call "trainers"...what we Americans call tennis or athletic shoes. He just looked interesting to me, and I wondered what had brought him to London.

The most intriguing thing about this man, though, was the small black case he was carrying along with a battered old leather briefcase. As soon as I spotted the little case -- when he placed it in the overhead storage rack -- I began to wonder what was in it. I finally narrowed it down to one of two possibilities: a folding pool cue or a small musical instrument.

I had already dreamed up quite an elaborate story relating to pool or billiards when I got my answer. About halfway to Banbury (the first stop on this "fast" service), he rifled through his old briefcase. Out came a musical score.

Sigh. That was the end of my fantasy. But I still found him interesting and wondered what sort of musician he is.

Maybe I'll see him again sometime, as he also left the train at Banbury.



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