Thursday, 17 March 2005

"Just A Song Before I Go" - Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1977

In case I have any regular readers, I thought I should tell you that I'll be offline for awhile. We're going on vacation, as we say in the States, and on holiday as they say here. I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with friends in Houston and with friends and family in New Mexico! Perhaps there will be some tales to tell when I return...we'll see!

Meanwhile, the only good stories from this past week involve my time at John's house, while I was teaching in London. John's home is near the BBC studio and set where the series "EastEnders" is filmed. If you keep your eyes open while around town and at the train station, you can often see some of the actors and actressses from the show as they go to and from work. I actually saw two this supposedly dead, and the other very much alive. John and I saw the actor who was just killed off (for the second time on the show) as the character Den Watts while we were on a Thameslink train out of London, and we even went through the turnstiles at John's local train station with him! Then, yesterday, I saw the young actress who plays Stacey Slater when I got back to the train station after my day in London! That's two "sightings" in two days -- a new record for me!

More as I can...



At 18 March, 2005 21:03 , Blogger Jim Estes said...

Dear Janet: Hope you have a great time in Cloudcroft. The Lodge is way too classy for me, but my last official day with the Great State of Texas is March 31st, and Sally and I plan to put more effort into the cabin. You would be welcome to use it, but it is strictly a hunter's cabin and in the service industry part of town. I bought a 1600 gal. water storage tank to address water shortage issues, and will add a canopy over the deck sometime this summer. Other than the need for new carpet, it is coming along. Let me know the dates you will be there, and we will try to find you, if we travel to the cabin. Ramona's restaurant in Alamogordo has a reputation for outstanding green chili enchaladas, but we haven't eaten there, yet. It is located just east of the mall and across the highway from Home Depot. There is still a little snow on the north slopes, but it is melting fast.
Warmest regards, Jim Estes


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