Tuesday, 10 May 2005

"So Sorry Blues" - Robert Earl Keen, 2003

And I am sorry to any of you who are regular readers...that is, if I actually have any regular readers!!!!

I've been on the road for work. This one was a North American trip; I had half a week in the Chicago metropolitan area and then spent the balance of the week in Houston. It was quite a contrast. We had sub-freezing temperatures in Illinois and the low-80's in Houston.

The week before that, I was teaching in London most of the week. I thought I've have time to blog during the London week -- while staying with John in the London suburbs -- but I didn't. I was working on a re-do of one of our courses and just didn't have much spare time at all.

I'm full of excuses this morning, don't you think?

SORRY ABOUT THAT! I'll be doing better again, starting today!

SO...how are all of you anyway????


PS One of my favorite fellow bloggers has moved HERE!


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