Friday, 10 June 2005

"She Blinded Me With Science" - Thomas Dolby, 1982

OK. I admit it. I've sunk to new lows. I'm watching the latest "Big Brother"!

Am I so bored that I have nothing else to do? No. Am I watching because so many others in Britain are watching? No. Am I enjoying being a voyeur? Hmmm...maybe. Am I taking pleasure in realizing how very normal I am compared to the people stuck in the Big Brother house in Borehamwood? ABSOLUTELY!

It's partially John's fault, too!

What am I going to do while I'm in Canada all next week? I guess I'll be stuck with merely following the exploits of the remaining 10 housemates on the web. (No, I'm not so hooked that I'm subscribing to text updates from Channel 4!) Well, at least I'll be able to watch the occasional "Jim Lehrer News Hour" on TV in Calgary, beamed north from the PBS station in the state of Washington. That's so much more than an equal trade-off!

Now I'm ashamed I even wrote this blog entry. Oh...well...what the heck...!!!


Listening To: Coldplay, "X & Y"


At 10 June, 2005 14:15 , Blogger ck said...

Janet, have a lovely time in Calgary! Is Texas really bigger than France - well, whaddya know!!! What's that Thomas Dolby title? I'm really not with it today!



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