Sunday, 4 June 2006

"Hey Manhattan!" - Prefab Sprout, 1988

Today is a very special anniversary for John and me. Actually, it's a dual anniversary.

Besides being our 5-month wedding anniversary (yes, we are goofy, romantic newlyweds, still celebrating both our weekly and monthly anniversaries), this is the 10-year anniversary of the day that John and I met in person for the very first time. And the subject song reflects the fact that the meeting took place in New York City!

I will always have such a fondness for...

The Pickwick Arms Hotel (which is our favorite small hotel in NYC)

The Archive apartment building in the West Village (it was on its roof that my brother Larry took a terrific photo of John and me, with Midtown in the background..and thanks to John's Smugmug page, we found a copy of it to post below)

Village Vanguard jazz club (where Larry, John and I saw Roy Hargrove)

Empire State Building (the most romantic location in The City)

(You can click on any of the above photos for a larger version.)

Happy Anniversary, my love! I love you more with each passing day! xoxoxox



At 04 June, 2006 18:36 , Blogger Adam said...

Ohhhhh! (slaps forehead) I get the song title thing now. Happy anniversary to you both. However, I can't help noticing a Chelsea FC link in the side. I hope that isn't a bad habit you've picked up while in England.

At 04 June, 2006 21:55 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Neat photo of the Archive building! A native New Yorker and never saw it before! Happy 5th and many more. I always thought you preferred the Chrysler Building.

At 05 June, 2006 14:35 , Blogger Heather said...

Nice post! Happy anniversary! Hope you have many happy years ahead of you.

I've only been to NYC once, and I fell in love with it. I want to go back.


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