Thursday, 29 March 2007

Photos: London -- Greenwich & Canary Wharf

I'm staying in Greenwich right now, as I'm running a 2-day class in London's Canary Wharf area again this week. When I got here yesterday afternoon, I had some daylight time to walk around and take some photos. Those -- plus two from Canary Wharf this morning -- have been posted in a new album on my Smugmug pages online. Rather than post some of them here on Lord Celery, here's the link to the album.

I'll try to get them annotated in the next day or so.



At 30 March, 2007 21:44 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

The photo of Cafe Rouge brought back fond memories of some very good meals Silvia and I had at the one in Whiteleys (near Paddington Station).

At 31 March, 2007 15:35 , Anonymous Rhea said...

Greenwich is cool. Be sure to set your watch while you're there.


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