Wednesday, 2 May 2007

"Beware of the Random Factor" - Chris Opperman, 1998

When we watch the this year's Eurovision Song Contest, I will be rooting for Portugal. I will, anyway, if their entry makes it to the finals.

I realize that I live in Britain, not Portugal. I'm not from Portugal. Neither is John. But supporting Portugal this year isn't much of a problem, really. The UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest rarely gets many votes anyway. Just ask the average Brit what "nil points" refers to....

I'm reading that Portugal's entry is a singer named Sabrina, and I've been told that her song is called "Danca Comigo (Vern Ser Feliz)".

The best part of the Eurovision Song Contest telecast every year is waiting to see how funny Terry Wogan's commentary will become as he drinks more and more alcohol over the course of the evening.

And why am I supposed to be supporting Portugal this year? Don't ask...

By the way, this article is a pretty good representation of what I personally think of the Eurovision Song Contest.



At 12 May, 2007 02:09 , Blogger Steve White said...

Nice to see you getting into those nooks and crannies of being a European.... NPR did a little piece about the Eurovision Song Contest this evening - "the Olympics of Euro-Schlock" they called it.

Steve W.


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