Wednesday, 18 June 2008

"Let's Put It All Together" - Stylistics, 1974

In honor of Paul McCartney's 66th birthday (yup...that's right....66) today, I thought I'd let Lord Celery readers in on some of the stuff my officemate Gavin and I ponder while at the office.

While eating our lunches yesterday, we started talking about some of the major British bands of the 60s...and how so many have lost key members. For example, look at the Beatles -- they are left with only Paul and Ringo. And how about the Who? They have only Roger and Pete now.

So in what seemed to me like a stroke of genius, Gavin suggested that perhaps the remaining two members of each group should form a new band. That way we'd have Paul on bass, Ringo on the drums, Pete on guitar, and Roger to stand out front and sing (and perhaps shake a tambourine from time to time, if he was so inclined).

Great idea, I thought! Why hadn't I thought of that!

And then he even came up with a name for the band -- the WHO-TLES!

I thought we'd hatched the ultimate plan here. Then, we discovered that Gavin isn't the only one to have this same idea...

I'm sure there are more. I only spent about 5 minutes finding those three.

So much for thinking that Gavin had come up with the next big thing.

I've even come with some of the songs the Who-tles can perform...

  • "The Ballad of John, Yoko, and Captain Jack"
  • "I Can't Explain Yesterday"
  • "I'm Free Eight Days a Week"
  • ...and my own personal favorite: "Won't Get Fooled Again, I'll Cry Instead"

Paul, we hope you are having a splendid birthday celebration! You deserve it.

And I'm still impressed with Gavin's creativity!



At 19 June, 2008 16:32 , Blogger Gnightgirl said...

Who-tles cracks me up. Gavin's idea is much better!


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