Thursday, 5 June 2008

"Spooky" - Classics IV, 1968

Sorry for the quiet period. I was in London from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday evening, as I was teaching classes there Monday and Tuesday. I got back into the office midday yesterday.

Last week, two of my colleagues were at a conference in Bahrain. They brought back some goodies for the office...including a container of Arabic coffee.

I didn't have time yesterday to take a closer look at what was in the kitchen. But I did this morning. And it really spooked me when I took a close look at the coffee container.

Anybody read Arabic? What does it say in the bubble?



At 06 June, 2008 13:44 , Blogger bronx boy said...

I am sure it isn't: good to the very last drop!

At 23 October, 2009 10:53 , Blogger roqoqo said...

it says made in bahrain. nothing to worry about. sheesh.

At 14 January, 2010 22:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes it says made in Bahrain :)

At 20 March, 2010 07:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calm Down... It says Made In Bahrain!

At 13 April, 2010 08:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arabic Coffee is made different than the worldwide known american coffee.. it tastes different, and it meant to be taken with sweets, such as, dates and "Rahash".

The picture is for a traditional looking lady, this look is still maintained by a lot of women in the Arabian Gulf. What she is holding with her left hand is a Gold coffee pot, while in the the right hand the coffee cup.

It's an Arabian manner to give with their right hands, and it's disrespectful to give or shake hands with the left hand.
They also eat, drink, write and do many other with their right hands.

Back to the coffee, it's yellowish and the tastes varies from place to another, but there are basic things that are not changed. such as, they don't add sugar to their coffee and they always handle you very little coffee for you to sip. As you see the cup is very small.

Maybe the picture is slightly spooky, but they look very different now, especially in the malls, you'll be surprised how americanized they are.

And for the bubble, I believe that you got your answer.

One last fact, although Bahrain is an Islamic Country, they allow drinking alcohol, and it's not only for non-Muslims... Sad


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