Friday, 20 June 2008

"What's Your Hurry" - J Geils Band, 1970

I don't know what was wrong with everybody this morning. I'm not exactly a pokey driver; in fact, I'm known for having a bit of a lead foot. But nearly everybody wanted to race past me this morning at light speed, as I made my commute from home into the Oxford-area park and ride.

Even someone I would have expected to drive rationally -- because of the type of car he was in (a Saab) -- wildly passed me, on a narrow stretch of the A4260, at what must have been at least 90 mph. And a crazy driver in a navy blue VW Golf flung himself into the right lane and whizzed around about 10 cars in a busy residential section of Kidlington without being the least bit concerned about any cross-traffic or cyclists he might encounter.

Now people in our part of Oxfordshire do tend to drive a little fast for conditions. I've noticed that ever since moving up there in the spring of 2003. One of my former neighbors once told me that he figures it's because of the legacy of car racing in our part of England. Maybe.

Anyway, this morning's experience was particularly strange. The only car that didn't pass me -- and I was doing about 65mph in a 60 zone -- was a strange grass-green Hyundai people-carrier sort of thing. (You know the type -- a tall, skinny vehicle with tires so narrow that you wonder how the thing manages any contact with the road surface at all.) He stuck right behind me during all 14 miles of my trip. He must have liked my little blue Audi's back end.

So I've been pondering what was going on this morning. Was it because it wasn't raining (for once)? Was it the phase of the moon, perhaps? Did we have a tailwind that I didn't notice?

Ahhhh...I think I know. It's Friday. And everybody was just rushing toward the weekend!

But perhaps I need to slip on my crash-helmet for protection while driving home this evening, just in case.



At 20 June, 2008 14:47 , Blogger bronx boy said...

I guess the higher gasoline prices aren't effecting the way they drive.

At 20 June, 2008 14:55 , Blogger Janet said...

BBoy, you know, that's a good point. I had just told John a few days ago that I had a feeling people had slowed down a bit, and I wondered if it was to save some "petrol". (You think YOUR gasoline is expensive...less than a half a tank in my car cost £38 last weekend -- or about $76 equivalent!) But I guess everybody forgot about their fuel economy this morning.

Can you believe how high petroleum prices are? I'm glad I'm not trading these days...


At 21 June, 2008 15:03 , Blogger bronx boy said...

You and I both! Makes retirement that much nicer. Just 7 more days before your special day!

At 29 June, 2008 22:53 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Maybe they are just "dying" to get to work and into an early grave! I cannot understand this new 'need for speed' in our country. I do think that in our area of the UK there are now less traffic police out and about thus some people think that that gives them the right to flout the law. I am pleased to read that you, like me, are not one of them. Enough from me on the matter.


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