Thursday, 21 August 2008

"(Ain't It) A Real Good Sign" - Albert King, 1976

I was just thinking this morning that I often blog about either the park and ride bus (or something that's happened getting to it, on it, or after getting off it) or the little Sainsbury's supermarket in Oxford. I hope you aren't getting bored with these locations. But that's where a lot of interesting things happen to me on a day-to-day basis.

This morning's episode was on the bus itself. It seems that the display was broken on the front of the bus being used for the 7:15am pickup. The driver - my favorite female driver - had called in to report the problem but was concerned that nobody would be sure which bus she was driving as she cruised through Oxford.

So with the help of passengers - I had a pen and another had a piece of white paper - she went to work on a makeshift sign. One of the guards at the building there came up with some cellophane tape to stick the thing in the bus window.

And even though you can't see much of anything from this angle, the result was this sign - as seen from my seat up in the front of the bus. (I affectionately call it the "catbird seat", and it's my favorite place to sit.) The sign is in the lower left corner of the front window of the bus.

(Click on either of the images for a full-sized version.)

When we got to Oxford, I told the driver that I wanted to get a photo of her sign. I wish I had snapped one of her, too, but I was feeling uncharacteristicly shy this morning.

I love the eyes in the zeros. The driver had laughed earlier as she made the sign, saying that she felt creative this morning.



At 21 August, 2008 14:58 , Blogger Raquel said...

The eyes are cute. I would have added some eyelashes. LOL. ;)

At 22 August, 2008 00:43 , Anonymous june in florida said...

I love your local info, i was born and grew up in Oxford.I am not sure how i found you, you know link to link to link and you don't even know where you started.Thank you, i am enjoying your blog very much...June in Florida

At 22 August, 2008 09:08 , Blogger Janet said...

Raquel - I didn't even think of that! If it happens again...

June - Thanks for the kind comments! I hope you come back and visit Lord Celery again.



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