Friday, 13 May 2011

"Our House" - Madness, 1982

To make the song that's the title to this blog really perfect, we'd have to change the lyric to "Our house, in the middle of the fence..."

For John's birthday in May 2009, I bought him a birdhouse. Not just any old birdhouse, either, but a sleek almost Scandinavian-type house.

We hung it on the fence at the side of our house, where it's safe from predators...and where it can be seen from several rooms in our house.

We waited, but no birds took residence. Nothing happened during the balance of 2009. And nothing happened during 2010.

But a few weeks ago, I thought I saw some activity around the house. A few days ago, we got our confirmation. A blue tit "couple" have taken residence in the house! We suspect they are either building their nest or perhaps taking care of their eggs. We haven't seen or heard any evidence that there are actually any baby tits yet. But it's been terrific to watch the little bird-parents dart in and out of the little hole in the front of the stylish house!

This morning, I brought my camera into the study and decided to see if I could get some photos. I got very lucky. Take a look at the following sequence of three shots. You'll see that I didn't raise the mini-blinds (you'll see their shadows), as I didn't want to be seen through the window.

You can click on each image to see it in a larger size.