Sunday, 3 July 2005

"We Are The World" - USA For Africa, 1985

Yesterday was "Live 8". What a great day of music it was! I hope that Bush, Blair and the other six world leaders meeting in Scotland this coming week are paying close attention to the many thousands of people who signed the online petition or sent in text messages in support of the Live 8 cause.

Even my little village in North Oxfordshire got into the act. Draped on the top of the parish church, in the middle of the village, was a "Make Poverty History" banner! Hopefully, if you click on the images below, you can see a larger version of each photo.

I hope all of you watched the Live 8 events yesterday...and will do your part to support this important cause.

By the way, what a thrill to see Paul McCartney perform with U2, to open the London Live 8 concert. And what about that Pink Floyd reunion? Wow! That was the treat of the day for us!



At 04 July, 2005 12:49 , Anonymous Howard said...

July 4th.

Janet, I just want to wish you and and all your American readers a very happy Indpendence Day!


At 04 July, 2005 19:06 , Blogger Janet said...

Thanks SO MUCH, Howard! That's very much appreciated!



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