Thursday, 27 October 2005

"It's Over" - Roy Orbison, 1964

The Chicago White Sox have swept the 2005 World Series. They won Game 4 in Houston last night by the lowly score of 1-0. Congratulations to the White Sox...and to Chicago!

The Astros have nothing to be ashamed of, however. Any of those four games could have gone the Astros' direction, although I think it was clear that Chicago had the stronger team throughout the series.

Don't forget that it was the Astros' first-ever trip to the World Series! And it was also the first World Series game ever played in Texas. I guess that would be right...but it's something that had never actually occurred to me.

So don't you hang your heads either, my fellow Astros fans. The boys done us proud!

But now what will I watch on TV if I'm sleepless in the wee small hours of the morning?????


PS On a completely different note -- am I the only person who didn't know that there's a distinctive behavior difference between North American and European beavers? I was just watching a news item, on the BBC's breakfast show, about the reintroduction of beavers to the UK for the first time in 500 years. As a part of the report, the BBC reporter said that while Americans and Canadians generally think of beavers as "destructive", the European variety are considered "non-destructive", beneficial mammals! I'm going to try to learn more about this. And here I'd always thought that beavers were just...erm...well...beavers!


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