Tuesday, 27 September 2005

"Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell, 1984

We live in an incredible world.

Last weekend, on the computer monitor on John's desk in Hertfordshire, UK, we watched live local television from Houston, Texas, USA -- some 4800+ miles away!

All three of the major American network affiliates in Houston were sending out live webcast feeds during the storm last week. I was hoping that these might continue afterward, but I'm noticing this morning that it's not the case. Still, for someone like me who likes getting some "hometown news" from time to time, these three websites are still a great resource. All three now feature video clips of their major news stories on their sites, even if the live webcasts have now been discontinued.

Check them out, if you have time and are interested. Here are the links...in my personal order of preference:

KHOU.com -- Channel 11, the CBS affiliate station
abc13.com -- KTRK, Channel 13, the ABC affiliate station
Click2Houston.com -- KPRC, Channel 2, the NBC affiliate station

AND while I'm talking about webcasting, you might also like to check out some local radio in New Mexico! I have family in the beautiful mountainous area of Ruidoso, and it's not too far from where John and I will be getting married in January. Have a listen to KWES radio, via the link on Ruidosotoday.com. You'll enjoy their relaxed style.

The world's getting smaller all the time, isn't it? Makes it so much easier to be an ex-pat these days!



At 05 October, 2005 13:11 , Anonymous howard said...

Hi Janet!

Just to say Molly and I are listening to KWES in our office as I write this (we have a highly enlightened Management who let us listen to music during business hours!), and enjoying it, just as you promised we would!

Best wishes,


At 06 October, 2005 14:21 , Blogger Janet said...

And you & Molly are CELEBS now, too! VERY cool!


At 06 October, 2005 15:15 , Anonymous Howard said...

We've already ordered our own separate Ferraris!

We've told Janet what happened, but for her other readers:

I e-mailed KWES to say we were listening from so far away, and got a really kind and prompt reply from Harold Oakes ("the Boss") who said he would try and mention us on his broadcast today. And he did!

We're tickled pink! Celebrity is a wonderful thing, and very, very addictive ;-) !

Many thanks to Janet for putting us on to this!



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