Thursday, 17 November 2005

"It's Not Easy Being Green" - Kermit the Frog, 1976?

I don't know why I even did this today. But I did.

I searched for the word "celery" on Google Blog Search. I guess I was just curious what I'd find.

And in case anyone else besides me is actually interested, here are some of the things I found...besides entries from my own blog, that is:

*There's a Canadian blogger calling him/herself "celery". It's possible that this blogger could actually be canine, given the photo he/she uses on the blogger profile. Anyway, celery's blog is entitled "sooner or later it all gets real..." That's an interesting title -- one of the best I've heard since my friend Steve's blog called "Today Is Absolutely Today".

**A blogger in the US calling herself "MJ" has an entertaining blog called "Peace Thru Parsley"...I especially enjoyed her blog entry titled, "Ode to Celery". When I first saw the title, my heart raced, thinking it was about Lord Celery. Alas, no. It's only about a dead vegetable in her fridge.

***There's a live journal, written by a fellow named "Steve" in Georgia, USA, called "This is the Celery Forest!" (followed by the subtitle "There's a Baby Persimmon"). Where do these people come up with such strange names for their sites, I wonder????

****Heidi -- mother of two boys, living somewhere in the States -- includes celery in her recipe for a very fancy chicken noodle soup in her blog entry called "Jewish Penicillin". Her blog is called "pebble chaser...random ordinary thoughts". I might visit Heidi's blog again some time soon.

I guess I've bored all you enough, so I'll stop now. But I'd have to say that being green doesn't seem to be all that difficult!


Listening To: "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard", Sir Paul McCartney (and it's starting to grow on me...a little...!)


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