Wednesday, 16 November 2005

"New Kid In Town" - Eagles, 1976

Heinz Baked Beans.

They are a British institution. I often hear that they are the food-from-home that ex-pat Brits miss the most. They are somewhat different from the kinds of baked beans and pork & beans I grew up on in the States. And I have observed that saying something snide about Heinz Baked Beans here in the UK is tantamount to saying something disrespectful about the late Queen Mother.

But there's a new kid in town. I should rephrase that. There's a new bean in town!

Branston, the pickle people (and one of the divisions of that big conglomerate Premier Foods), have boldly decided to challenge Heinz's domination of the baked bean business in Britain. Here's an excellent article about the battle of the baked beans from the "Cambridge Evening News". And here's another from the "Daily Mirror".

So John and I decided to try a can of the new Branston Baked Beans last weekend. I knew I could keep an open mind, given that I don't have the life history of eating the Heinz variety that John does. But I wasn't so sure what he would think. After only a couple of bites, though, the verdict was in from the two of us. The Branston beans are terrific...and just as soon as those remaining turquoise cans are off our kitchen shelves, they'll be replaced with the baked-beanie-colored Branston cans!

The Branston sauce is definitely a bit spicier -- and am I tasting more brown sugar, too, perhaps?

How 'bout any of you? What do Lord Celery's readers think?


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At 16 November, 2005 15:14 , Blogger Wendy said...

I don't know if we can get them here, but I'm going to look! I had no idea baked beans were so important over there :)

At 16 November, 2005 19:04 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

I grew up with Heinz but believe that Bush's beats Heinz hands down!

At 17 November, 2005 09:06 , Blogger "Alice" said...

What I am so amazed at is that no one seems to want to "doctor" the bake beans. Just take 'em outta the can, heat 'em up, and eat (preferrably on toast). I've mentioned adding a bit of say, brown sugar for flavor, and got a resounding "have you lost your mind??"


At 17 November, 2005 17:24 , Anonymous Howard said...

I've got to admit I doctor them, Alice: a drop or two of Lea & Perrin's, or Tabasco, or Nando's Peri-Peri. Or even Angostura! Or when having them on toast, grated cheddar on the top, popped back under the grill until cheese is melted. Scrummmmmeeeee!


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