Friday, 4 November 2005

"Turn, Turn, Turn" - Byrds, 1966

In Britain, if somebody asks you to "Give me (or us) a twirl.", you wouldn't necessarily know what that request means.

They might be asking you to do a quick runway-type turn, as you might do to show off new clothes. John tells me that Bruce Forsythe used that expression a lot on British TV, and it's certainly something I've heard often since moving here. I like it a lot.


They might be asking for chocolate...for a Cadbury Twirl. Twirls are one of John's favorites, and he's an even more avid chocoholic than I am...maybe even as fond of chocolate as my friend Krista is! So his opinion on chocolate holds a lot of weight with me. (No pun intended...with the word "weight" the way!)

I've always spelled the syndrome as chocoholic, as many US-based websites do. However, I've noticed that other people spell the word as chocAholic...take a look at this "Daily Mail" quiz, for example.

I just visited Cadbury's website. I was surprised to do a search for the word "Twirl" on that site and get nothing back in return. However, it's worth a visit anyway, especially for the repository of old TV ads you'll find there.

So whatever type of twirl strikes your fancy this weekend, have at least one, OK?



At 04 November, 2005 13:25 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Milk or Dark? I vote for dark chocolate.


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