Monday, 31 October 2005

"New York State of Mind" - Billy Joel, 1975


What do I recall most fondly, when I think of the 31st of October? Of course I have childhood memories of going trick-or-treating with my father. (Somewhere, in my photo archives, there's a great snapshot of my father and me in Tulsa when I was little...and about all of you can see of me is a chimpanzee mask and lots of curly hair!) But what's on my mind most today is New York City -- and the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village. It's one of my most fond memories of the 7+ years I lived in Manhattan, back in the 80's and early-90's.

Here's the official website for the Village's Halloween Parade. I so wish I could be there tonight...especially since they are honoring New Orleans with this year's parade!

Also, check out some of the photos of prior years' parades
here... and also here.

Don't miss the chance to attend, if you're ever in "The City" on Halloween! You'll remember the experience for the rest of your life -- won't you, Scott? Along with Christmastime there, it's an opportunity for the soul of New York City to reveal itself for anybody and everybody to see!



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