Saturday, 11 March 2006

"The Cheese On Toast Experience" - The Last Drop, 2002

After a hectic week of training in London, I'm finally managing to post an item here! And it's thanks to John for finding this one.

John and I love well-prepared Tex-Mex food. Obviously, it's in short supply in the UK. So John has learned to make it himself. He makes fabulous quesadillas...especially chicken quesadillas!

I think everybody reading Lord Celery should know who Jamie Oliver is, right? For quite some time, Oliver has been in ad campaigns for the UK supermarket chain Sainbury's. They are trying to convince the British public to try new not get caught up in eating only old favorite (favourite) dishes.

A new TV ad appeared a few weeks ago. Oliver suggests a good way to get your children to eat more vegetables is to get a tortilla, put chopped vegetables and grated cheese on it, put another tortilla on top, and then fry it quickly on both sides until the cheese melts. Voila! It's a vegetable quesadilla! But Oliver never uses that word. In fact, he doesn't call his concoction anything at all.

Last night, John found a link on the Sainsbury's website to the TV ad. And then he burst into laughter. Why? Because of the name they have given to Oliver's cheese & veggies & tortilla dish.

S0 what is Oliver's creation called? "Mexican Cheese On Toast"!

As they would say here, "Good Lord!"



At 25 March, 2006 15:04 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

But he does have some really good recipes. I love cooking from his book "jamie's dinners. mmmm!

At 27 March, 2006 19:18 , Blogger Janet said...

I agree, MB Kid -- and what he has done for school dinners is outstanding!



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