Sunday, 26 March 2006

"Fare Thee Well" - Kate Rusby, 2005

What's fair is fair, isn't it? Or perhaps I should say -- what's fair is fare????

Back on the 11th, I wrote in "The Cheese On Toast Experience" about how the Jamie Oliver Sainsbury's ad on TV here in Britain featured veggie quesadillas but didn't call them by name.

Well, to be fair to Jamie, he does know what quesadillas are. Take a look at this recipe page from his own website. However, note that he also refers to them as "Mexican-style stuffed pancakes"!

By the way, how did I find this recipe of Jamie's online? Because somebody drifted into Lord Celery after doing a Google search for "jamie oliver quesadillas"...and my blog entry was the #15 result for their search!



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