Wednesday, 14 June 2006

"Don't Get Me Confused" - Keith Hudson (late-60's/early-70's)

Today is the 14th of June, right?

I've just gotten back from the main post office in Oxford. Standing in front of me in the "queue" was a young woman -- university-student age -- holding two smallish parcels to be mailed. Each was headed a different direction. One was going to Asia, and the other was headed for Canada.

(I know what you're all thinking...yes, I was, perhaps, a bit too curious...but I was bored and had to do something while I waited!)

What particularly caught my eye was what she'd written on each of the brand-new mailing fresh marker pen and in exactly the same handwriting as the mailing address on each.

In bold lettering, the instructions said: "Do Not Open Until 23rd April".

Hmmm...that's quite a long time to wait!



At 14 June, 2006 17:24 , Blogger John said...

Looks like summer terms/semesters begin at various universities and colleges around the world on 23 April 2007. Given Oxford's academic status and the young woman's apparent student-like persona, I wonder if that has something to do with it...?

At 14 June, 2006 18:49 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

OMG, how could you not have just asked her?! Did you get the EXACT addresses? We could go there next April 23, and watch in their windows...

At 14 June, 2006 18:56 , Blogger Janet said...

John's response is probably right on target...I'll bet it does have something to do with the start of a term next year.

However, G'nightgirl, John thinks YOUR response is much more fun than his!




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