Wednesday, 7 June 2006

"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" - Madonna, 1996

The employees of the company I work for decided that we should do something for charity for the 2006 World Cup. So each of us who wanted to participate paid an entry fee to be assigned one of the 32 national teams participating in the matches. If his/her randomly-assigned team wins the World Cup competition, he or she will win a nice prize...and the balance of the money will be given to charity!

Our team-drawing ceremony happened this afternoon. One container contained the names of 32 of our employees (based here in in New Jersey, Calgary, and Singapore). The other container had little paper flags for each of the 32 countries with national teams in the World Cup this year. My name was drawn first, and the first flag pulled out of the box was...


I would have preferred to have been assigned the USA or England, of course (or even Trinidad and Tobago, as a joke), but I certainly could have done at lot worse than Argentina!



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