Thursday, 3 May 2007

"Sad Children" - Loudest Whisper, 1977

This is -- or used to be -- an Oxford shop called The Natural World. It's near the bus stop where I catch the park and ride bus after work each day. Unfortunately, it recently closed. It was an interesting shop full of science-y sorts of things. (And it's where we got John a replacement for his lost Australian hat...but that's another story!) It seemed to always be full of customers...many of them children.

For some time since the shop closed, I'd noticed a couple of pieces of paper posted in one of the shop windows. You can see them in the photo to the left. I am always in a rush to catch the bus when I pass the shop, and I'd therefore never bothered to see what was on them.

This morning, I walked over there before work. What's posted there is a letter from 8-year-old Sophie, who is obviously devastated that the shop has closed. I especially like the way she's illustrated her letter! And the other page is a copy of a letter back to her from the shop's staff. I was really touched. Hopefully, all of you will be, too, assuming you can read the letters via the photos that I'm posting here. You can display a larger version of any of the photos simply by clicking on any of them.



At 03 May, 2007 13:50 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

A great post! So much nicer than reading in the press about all the strife/chaos/mayhem in the world.

At 04 May, 2007 16:49 , Blogger Wendy said...

Love this! Thanks for posting.


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