Sunday, 1 July 2007

"London Town" - The Pretty Things, 1965

I'm in London tonight. More specifically, I'm sort of in the "Southwark" section -- although maybe it's actually "Borough". I'm not sure. I'm south of the Thames, and just south of the Tate Modern museum. My venue for the next four days is about a 15+ minute walk away. I know that because I already did a "reccie" (as I've heard the British describe a "reconnaissance" trip) to find out where I need to be at 8am tomorrow.

The trip between the train station in NW London and here was interesting. There were lots more police in Marylebone Station than there were the last time I came into London (just two weeks ago). My taxi driver said that his taxi was searched from time to time before he picked me up at the station this afternoon. And on the way to the hotel, we saw several vehicles (on the streets) being searched by police. The authorities are certainly out in force, after the events of the past two days.

And my Chiltern Railways train went right by Wembley Stadium on the trip into London, too, as the Concert for Diana was kicking off. I wonder if any of you are watching it right now?

Would you like to see some photos I took this afternoon, once I arrived in London? Click on any of the photos for a full-sized version.

Here's my venue for tomorrow -- on Borough High Street.

Here's a snapshot to the north on Borough High Street this afternoon. This is a part of London I just don't know at all -- but I'm sure I'll be getting to know it better over the next four days!

The white building in the center of my photo is my hotel.

I don't have a very good view straight out in front of my hotel window, do I?

Here's a slightly better the east, down Southwark Street, out of my hotel window.

Please send good vibes for my classes this week...and I'll write more when I can.



At 02 July, 2007 02:09 , Anonymous Bronx Boy said...

I caught Rod Stewart and P. Diddy then watched Gil Mayo Mysteries on BBC America. Sending strong and good vibes for your safety this week.

At 02 July, 2007 10:24 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

You seem a bit down. Hope you have a great week there. Last week the Sunday Times holiday quiz was centred around the area you are in. It's an area steeped in history. I hope you enjoyed my cycling holiday photos.

At 02 July, 2007 10:46 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Gosh! How could I forget your birthday. So that's why you’re a bit down. Happy Birthday, Lord Celery & long may your Blog Reign.

And thanks Brox Boy for reminding me.


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