Monday, 4 June 2007

"Picture Book" - Kinks, 1968

The photos from "A Minute in the Life: The Simultaneous Photography Project" are going up on their website this morning! Take a look when you have a chance. It's fascinating to see what people were doing, all around the world, within the same minute.

Gavin's photo made Gallery 1; and is yours there, too, Gnightgirl? John, Wendy, and I are in Gallery 3. Anybody else I should highlight here?


PS It's the 11th anniversary of the day that John and I met for the first time, live and in-person, in New York City! I probably can't tell the tale any better than I did a year ago, so I'll just be lazy and link to my post of exactly one year ago today about this special anniversary! (John and celebrate quite a few anniversaries, as regular Lord Celery readers have probably noticed!)


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