Monday, 9 July 2007

"Puppy Love" - Paul Anka, 1960

Five years ago today, in Houston, I held my little buddy Mac while he was put to sleep. Any of you who have had a similar experience with a beloved pet will know how devastating it is...even if you know in your heart that it's the correct thing to do.

John and I still miss him terribly. All of the Westies I've ever met are characters, but Mac was truly a one-of-a-kind companion. We'll have a toast to him tonight with our favorite single-malt.

I'm sure he'd approve!



At 09 July, 2007 20:40 , Blogger Gnightgirl said...

I'll raise a glass to Mac tonight too!

At 11 July, 2007 15:53 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

We see two "Macs" during our regular evening stroll through the neighborhood and fondly remember your Mac each time. Glenfiddich?

At 12 July, 2007 09:57 , Anonymous KathyF said...

So sorry to read this. Losing a dog is indeed hard.

My dog's favorite breed is Westies. She gets really excited when she sees one. So in Wales I bought her a Westie door stop dog. It's about the same size, but she seemed bemused when I gave it to her.

At 12 July, 2007 15:04 , Blogger Monique said...

I'm so sorry to hear that:(

At 12 July, 2007 19:47 , Blogger G L Wilson said...

That was a very moving post, Janet. Lovely photo too!

At 20 July, 2007 17:54 , Blogger Vikki L. Jeanne Cleveland said...

JaneT ~ for reasons which you know, I am just now able to get some of my blog reading done, so I just now saw your post about Mac. You know that I understand *EXACTLY* how you feel. We can hold onto our precious memories and the promise of the Rainbow Bridge. Huggies and kitty kisses from Vikki and her Fuzzy 4

At 20 July, 2007 20:57 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Yes, he was a lovely wee Scottish dug.
Any chance it was a Black & White dram you had? Westies are used as a mascot for Black & White (a brand of Scotch whisky) although it's not a malt.


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