Tuesday, 12 February 2008

"Little Mac" - Patrick Yandall, 2005

Today was the birthday of my beloved Westie, Mac, who died in 2001. He was born in 1985. So I was just thinking that he would have been 23 today, had he lived. Sadly, dogs just don't live that long.

I miss him every day.

Although Mac can never be replaced, John and I are planning to get a Westie puppy late this year or in 2009. I just can't live without a doggie much longer, and John feels the same. He and Mac had quite a close relationship, too, even though they only saw each other a couple of times a year.

Anyway, to honor Mac's birthday today, I'd like to post the following photo:

These are dear friends in Houston -- Winston (the dog) and his human brothers Lee and William. I miss them (and their mom and dad) a lot, and I haven't gotten to see any of them for over a year.

Winston, I believe, is my Mac reincarnated.

Here's the story. Melanie & Brian moved into one of the apartments across from where I lived in Houston during some of the last weeks of Mac's life. I didn't meet them when they first moved in. But only a few days after I had to have Mac put to sleep, I went to the mailboxes to get my mail; and what should I see but a pretty young woman with a teeny little Westie puppy! I just burst into tears, which has never been the best way to meet a new neighbor. Anyway, over the weeks and months which followed, I got very close to Melanie and her husband Brian, and Winston became part of my extended family, too. And he was -- and still is -- a 2/3rd's size version of my Mac! It's just uncanny how much he's like Mac.

Melanie just posted the photo of Winston (who is now 6) and his two human brothers today. I just had to give it some wider viewing!

And I couldn't help but think of Mac.



At 12 February, 2008 21:35 , Blogger G L Wilson said...

Lovely photos, Janet. You can tell what characters the two Westies are from the pictures.

At 15 February, 2008 00:42 , Blogger Jodie said...

Great post, loved the pictures. I hope you find a new one to join the family. I love my stupid "mutt" like he was one of my kids.

At 21 February, 2008 19:51 , Blogger Lynda K said...

I just happened upon your Mac's webpages-what a lovely-looking Westie he was.
I have 2 girls aged almost 15 and 13 and we live in England. They're much adored too......I do hope you can get a new little pal soon, Janet.
Love Lynda XX

At 24 February, 2008 05:41 , Blogger Patrick Yandall said...

My name is Patrick Yandall. I am a jazz recording artist/guitarist. My song "Little Mac" has been used on the weather channel and other sources. I am also a dog lover. We lost our "Bailey" Beagle/Bassett a couple of years ago. We adopted a little guy named "Stanley" and that love gets to have a home again. My song "Little Mac" is at iTunes and the full CD is titled "Eyes of Mars". Keep in touch at www.patrickyandall.com! Peace, Patrick


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