Thursday, 17 July 2008

Part 2: "48 Horas (48 Hours)" - Mylene, 2003

As you'll be able to see from the photos which follow, the strike by public-sector workers in Oxford continues today (as planned). I took these photos this morning, around 7:30, in various parts of the city centre.

Isn't it a shame that the litter is spoiling some really nice views of this historic city?

Click on any of the photos below for a full-sized image.



At 17 July, 2008 13:31 , Blogger Gnightgirl said...

Yuck! Makes you realize how important those public sector workers are, doesn't it?

At 17 July, 2008 13:48 , Blogger Janet said...

It certainly does, Gnightgirl. I always took for granted how clean the middle of Oxford was early in the morning. No more...!


At 17 July, 2008 17:45 , Blogger Raquel said...

It's sad that such a beautiful city can get uglier by littering. :(

At 17 July, 2008 22:11 , Blogger G L Wilson said...

Oxford is rather alarming on a Sunday morning, litter-wise.

At 17 July, 2008 23:09 , Blogger Vintage Tea said...

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Victoria xx


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