Monday, 7 July 2008

"I Am So Ordinary" - Paula Cole, 1995

It was a really interesting weekend...except for the unspectacular Williams sisters' final at Wimbledon on Saturday.

Lewis Hamilton won a rain-soaked British Grand Prix at Silverstone yesterday afternoon. There was a fabulous men's final at Wimbledon yesterday, between Nadal and Federer. Nadal won. I was completely neutral. But it was such an exciting match that it made me nervous anyway!

And, on a more personal level, I unpacked boxes in the garage and rearranged those that are left to be unpacked later. And you know what? One of our cars will now fit in the garage, for the first time since the day we moved in last year! For the moment, it's my car that's snug and dry in there overnight. Next step for me, when I have more time, is to make room for both of our automobiles in there. It'll happen some day.

But one of the big highlights of the weekend was the finale of this season's "Doctor Who" on BBC 1 Saturday night. It was quite a show. I've heard that about 50% of TV viewers in Britain were tuning in! That's quite an achievement, in these days of so much choice.

Lots of the show's recent loose ends were tied up. Rose has her "Doctor" in an alternative universe. Martha and Mickey would appear to have new jobs waiting for them with Torchwood. Davros and the Daleks are supposed to be gone for good. (But I don't believe that for a minute.) And once again, the Doctor returned to the TARDIS alone.

But there's an aspect to Saturday night's show which has stuck in my mind ever since we watched. And that's the resolution of the story of the Doctor's latest "companion", Donna Noble (played to perfection by the comic actress Catherine Tate).

This past season, the self-described "just a temp from Chiswick" has had the most fantastic adventures with the Doctor. She's been his best friend. She's shown incredible bravery, intelligence, and common sense. She's been quite an important woman to the universe.

But during Saturday's episode, Donna ended up with the Doctor's intellect merged into her own. It was a precarious situation. It couldn't last. And to save her life, the Doctor had to completely wipe her memory of everything that had happened since the two of them met.

So once again, Donna is just a temp from Chiswick. She's ordinary again. She may never know what potential she has.

And that idea saddens me enormously...perhaps because there are so many "Donnas" in the world.



At 07 July, 2008 21:11 , Blogger G L Wilson said...

Donna's not the first Doctor Who companion to have had their memory wiped of their time with t the Doctor. Jamie and Zoe (back in the Patrick Troughton days) both had the same fate, although it was the Time Lords who did this to them. They also exiled the Doctor to Earth, as they didn't take too kindly to his having stolen a TARDIS and roaming the universe meddling in matters that didn't concern him.


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