Tuesday, 1 July 2008

"Baby Come Back" - Player, 1977

Talk about the comeback kid!

Andy Murray gave British tennis fans quite a scare last night, nearly losing to Frenchman Richard Gasquet at Wimbledon last night before pulling it out in the 3rd set. Murray was two sets down and nearly losing the 3rd - we had almost changed channels, John feeling quite vindicated for his early statement about no Brit going any farther in the tournament - when he turned the entire game around and won at about 9:25pm UK time!

Meanwhile, I think most of the people in the nation had lost most of their fingernails and much of their hair.

Murray is a charming, lanky young Scottish tennis player who will soon become better known in the rest of the world. It's about time, too. Somebody needs to fill Tim Henman's shoes...although we're hoping Murray will fill them with even better reliability.

BBC Radio 5 this morning commented that Murray's nailbiting performance at Wimbledon yesterday was right out of the "Tim Henman handbook of Wimbledon torture". Ahhhh...British humor!

Well done, young Andy. Unfortunately for you, though, Rafael Nadal awaits tomorrow in the quarter finals...


Listening to: "Dreams of Breathing Underwater" by Eliza Carthy. Feel free to read my thoughts about this fascinating CD over on my music blog (via the link I've just provided).


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