Thursday, 3 July 2008

"I Hope" - Dixie Chicks, 2006

My life has always been full of concidences...most of them intriguing and very positive. I had an especially interesting one this morning.

When John and I were in New Mexico earlier this year, we spent a few days in Cloudcroft. The Lodge there is where we spent our honeymoon in January 2006. Cloudcroft has always been a very special place for me, and I'm delighted John shares my love for the little town in the NM mountains.

At a shop on the Cloudcroft boardwalk, we bought a few little cookbooks to bring back to the UK as gifts. As you might imagine, most of the recipes are the New Mexico variations of the "Tex-Mex" food that I enjoyed during all of the years I lived in Houston. Besides the recipes, scattered within the cookbook were little proverbs, in Spanish. One of them especially caught John's eye.

John liked the quotation "La esperanza es la ultima que muere." - translated in the book as something like "Hope is the last thing to die." (As an aside, Babel Fish did the literal translation as: "The hope completes is it that it dies." Well, you get the drift.)

In fact, he liked the quotation so much that he's added it to the title section of his blog Lord Celery's Little Brother.

OK. Here's the coincidence.

During this morning's commute to work, I was listening to my recording of last Saturday night's Bob Harris music program on BBC Radio 2. Without any pre-announcement, he played a very interesting song. At first, I thought it might be a Steve Earle song I'd never heard before. But the vocal was too good for Earle (sorry, Steve). What an intriguing song, I thought. I wondered who is was.

When Bob eventually announced what he'd been playing, it turned out to be a song by an artist I don't know at all - Mark Erelli. It's from an upcoming CD release called "Discovery".

And the song title? It's "Hope Dies Last".

Now, isn't that an interesting coincidence?


What have I been listening to? Go see on Auditory Cortex.

PS Oh, and Murray lost to Nadal at Wimbledon last night. No big surprise, sadly. But still, good for Andy for making it that far! Meanwhile, I'll stick my neck out to predict that Nadal is going to go all the way to win this year's tournament.


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