Wednesday, 24 September 2008

"Watching the Detectives" - Elvis Costello, 1977

Given how much business travel I've done since moving to Britain, I am subscribed to email lists of travel warnings from both the US Department of State and from the Foreign Office in the UK. So I'm accustomed to getting lots and lots of notices in my inbox about what's going on in various parts of the world. They generally come with the same style of title, so I know exactly what they are when I see them.

This morning, though, there is an email in my Yahoo account inbox which puzzled me. The subject line reads...

Ghana CSI

You can see what's coming, can't you? I'm thinking that CBS have decided to expand the "CSI" franchise to include a foreign location! But why Ghana, of all places? What an interesting idea! I wonder when the new series will begin? Who will star in it?

Then I realized that in this case "CSI" stands for Country Specific Information, and the email had come from the State Department in Washington. How dull.



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