Friday, 3 October 2008

"C'est Le Debut" - 2 Source Sure, 1999

Yesterday, I wrote about meeting a blogger friend for the first time. Today, I'm going to write about another blogger friend - although I haven't met him yet (but hope to someday).

The 3rd of October 2008 is the first-day-of-sales of Stevyn Colgan's book "Joined-Up Thinking". The photo here is Stevyn (on the right) with another favorite "Steve" of mine...British author/humorist/actor Stephen Fry. (American readers will probably know him best as Jeeves from the "Jeeves and Wooster" series, which is often shown on PBS in the States.)

Stevyn is a very interesting fellow. Take a look at an interview he did recently with the Bucks Free Press. (I don't know how long this article will stay online, however, so read it quickly!)

I love Stevyn's own description of his book as being about the "interconnectedness of stuff". Great phrase, isn't it? His writing style and humor really appeal to me.

Besides the book, there are a couple of ways you can get to know more about Stevyn Colgan. One is the way I did - through his blog The Unbearable Oddness of Stevyn (linked in the first paragraph). And I see he's also launched a new blog called, appropriately, Joined-Up Thinking, where the kinds of connections he uncovers in his book can be discussed in blog-land.

Personally I'm very disappointed that my Amazon UK order of Stevyn's book won't arrive today as expected, although they promise it for early next week. Oh well. If I'm learning anything as I get older, it's to be a bit more patient about things that are important.

And maybe, if I get my wish for John and me to someday meet Mr. Colgan in person, he'll see fit to even autograph it for me!

Folks, go out and get copies for yourselves. I'm quite sure it's going to be a smashing read - as they'd say in these parts.



At 03 October, 2008 11:11 , Blogger Stevyn Colgan said...

Janet - You're far too kind. I'll give you a shout next time in Oxford. I do pop over there now and again. After all, I only live about 30 miles away!


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