Tuesday, 11 November 2008

"Another Old Soldier" - Mark Collie, 1990

Today is Armistice Day.

Here in the UK, three of the last surviving British World War I veterans attended today's ceremony in London at the Cenotaph. Isn't it remarkable that these gentlemen are 108, 110, and 112? Incredible. The three men represent the RAF, the Army, and the Navy.

Can any of my American readers tell me how many living WWI veterans there are in the US?

Thanks to all those veterans, all around the world, who have served their countries so bravely.



At 11 November, 2008 20:23 , Blogger Heather said...

There are only a few left in Canada, but I don't know what the number is anymore. I used to work for Veterans Affairs and was in charge of planning several ceremonies where we were presenting all remaining WWI vets with medals of honour. At the time, there were probably 2 dozen, but most are gone now. One of them - a 106 year old man named Donald Sutherland - flirted with me. :-)

At 11 November, 2008 20:48 , Blogger Janet said...

Heather, that's a great story.

And (hanging my head here), SORRY I didn't ask you about the number of Canadian WWI veterans...

I - of ALL people - shouldn't be forgetting Canada!


At 12 November, 2008 08:58 , Anonymous NFAH said...

Amazingly there is a wikipedia page with this info:
It looks as though there are only two known Americans to 4 Brits.

At 13 November, 2008 18:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think wikipedia is out of date. I had this converstation with my husband last year and we did not know. I heard on the news shortly after that, that one of the remaining two had died, so there is only one left.


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