Sunday, 2 November 2008

"I'm So Excited" - Pointer Sisters, 1982

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on winning the F1 championship for this season!

What a race! Hamilton could beat his rival for the championship - Brazilian Felipe Massa - as long as he finished in 5th place or higher in this afternoon's Brazilian Grand Prix. Massa eventually won today's race. Hamilton was only in 6th place during the last lap until the final segment of the lap, when he passed Timo Glock and took over the precious 5th place. It was one of the most exciting finishes to an F1 season ever!

There are a couple of other items to note from today...

1. It was the final season of his F1 career for Britain's David Coulthard. Sadly, he didn't even complete the first lap today before getting hit. It wasn't the most impressive way to finish a distinguished career, was it?

2. And there was another "final" today - the final broadcast of an F1 racing season for ITV after 12 years. The F1 coverage shifts back over to the BBC next year. That's really good news as far as we're concerned.

Oh please, BBC, do not recruit Martin Brundle to your F1 coverage team for next year! Please, please, please!!!



At 02 November, 2008 21:52 , Blogger Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh Janet we are over the moon here in Okieland and how exciting was that!! I think they must have heard us yelling in frustration and then joy 6 blocks away, rapidly followed by laughter as Ferrari realised - HA!

The lovely DC is joing the BBC commentary team, so hopefully no worries on MB being there. I posted too, just soooo exciting

At 02 November, 2008 23:27 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

What a race, and what a way to win the World Championship! A true professional. I think the whole of the UK was behind him just as the whole of Brazil was behind Felipe Massa. It was so sad to see the reaction of the Ferarri Team and Massa thinking that he had won only for Lewis to sneak ahead of Timo Glock within sight of the chequered flag. One thing I don’t agree with you about is Martin Brundle. I personally enjoy Martin’s commentary because he can sees things before the viewer does and relays the details in a way we can all understand. Whereas the other plonker with him should be gagged as I think he speaks down to his audience. There you are .. I have said my bit! I am also very pleased to know that the BBC is showing the events in 2009. NO MORE ADVERTS for a few years anyway.

At 03 November, 2008 00:39 , Anonymous Stop Smoking said...

What a dramatic race to the very end! Simply awesome...

At 03 November, 2008 22:58 , Blogger Kris said...

Miles and I were screaming at the TV. We couldn't believe that ending. It was indeed increadible. We really dislike Martin Brundle as well. Seriously, where does he come up with his one-liners!!

At 10 November, 2008 22:06 , Blogger Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi just found you on Blogs by Women, I hope that Martin Brundle does move over to the BBC...but no way James Allen...DC is going to be doing his bit as well, so that is Brilliant, such a shame he went out of the race!!

But I was rooting for Massa..and such a shame the way he was told, he hadn't got the championship..!


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